The Beer

“We the people… , … demand good beer!” 

Below you will find the names of our beers.  In the next week or so, we will be adding descriptions of each.

  • Hellfire IPA - The name says it all! This IPA is an all out hop attack on your senses bursting with 8 different hop varieties, big citrusy nose of grapefruit and lemon zest with hints of mango, ample bitterness, with a nice malt background to carry the hops to victory!  IBU’s 75 ABV 6.67% Color 5.4 SRM
  • The Illuminated Blonde - Reminiscent of the German style Kolsch with a pale straw/gold color, well attenuated with a light malty palate. Hop character is from noble hops, with medium bitterness. This is a balanced beer, light bodied and similar to a lager.  IBU’s 22 ABV 4.7% Color 4.1 SRM
  • Founding Father’s Nut Brown Ale –    This highly touted brown ale has a complex malt palate of caramel, chocolate, light roast and biscuit flavors, medium hop bitterness per style with Horizon and Willamette hops.  IBU’s 3  ABV 5.8% by volume  Color 19.22 SRM
  • Sedition IPA – (currently on hiatus)  This English style IPA is characterized by a soft malt sweetness from caramel malts and oats, plus an assertive but not over the top hop bitterness derived from a mixture of earthy and herbal type English hops which include Fuggles hops which have been used in brewing since the 18th century.  IBU’s 67  ABV 6.8% by volume  Color 8.9 SRM
  • 316 ESB - This extra special bitter is an English pub favorite, deep copper color and nice residual malt sweetness  balanced with English hops.  IBU’s 35  ABV 5.5% by volume     Color  8.81 SRM
  • The Chesty Irish Red - This Irish Red Ale reddish brown color with caramel and honey like malt sweetness,   low level but present fruity nose with balanced with Magnum hops .    IBU’s 25   ABV 5.3 % by volume  Color  15 SRM
  • The Daily Stout -(On Nitro) This is a classic Dry Irish Stout, medium roasted barley and coffee like aroma and flavor, with some cereal like flavors from the oat malt, fairly light bodied and dry. Hop levels low to highlight roast barley flavors. This is a pub favorite. Enjoy.  IBU’s 30 ABV 4.4% by Volume   Color 45 SRM
  • Clan Ross Scottish Ale - This Scotch Ale is a strong ale style originating from Edinburgh, Scotland in the 19th century. Sometimes referred to as a wee heavy, this ale is dominated by big caramel malt flavors, nutty/toffee flavors and finishes with notes of spiciness. This Scotch ale has a wonderful warming effect and is best served in a bowled snifter to appreciate the intense malt flavors and aroma. Sold only in 8oz. glass.  IBU’s 35 ABV 8.5% by volume  Color 55  SRM
  • Old Smokey Scotch Ale –  This is our famous Clan Ross Scotch ale made with hand smoked 2 row malted barley, this version is full of all the great malt flavors of the Clan Ross but with a rich smokey malt flavor and aroma. The name comes from a combination of the smokey peat used to flavor the barley for Islay Scotches from Scotland, also our own Smokey mountains in North Carolina, and of course the treacherous training mountain that Camp Pendleton Marines must run in boot camp as well as infantry training. IBU’s 35Alcohol 8% ABV  Color 23 SRM
  • Sons of Liberty Porter - This American style Porter s full of coffee and dark chocolate flavors with deep caramel flavors balancing the palate. This was truly an American classic heartily consumed by the Sons of Liberty!   IBU’s 39 ABV 5.9% by volume Color 31 SRM
  • Hop Off 76 IPA – This big California IPA has a beautiful copper red color with ample malt sweetness to carry off the over 84 IBU’s brought to you by a combination of Chinook, Nugget, and Willamette hops, aromatic notes of pine, herbs and softer floral/fruity hints.IBU’s 84.7    6.67% ABV    Color 9.85 SRM
  • Sleighwreck Ale  (Seasonal only – See You in 2014)-  This holiday seasonal is a mulled ale with cinnamon, cloves, allspice and orange peel, mulled into a blend of the Chesty Red and the Clan Ross Scotch ale. Make the holiday season a tasty one with a pint of Sleighwreck ale, it works for Santa!  IBU’s 25   ABV 5.3 % by volume  Color  15 SRM
  • Uttlerless Milk Stout – Description to be posted on 3/18
  • Czarface Russian Imperial Stout – Launching soon
  • Sedition Pale Ale - Launching soon
  • To Be Named Lager – Launching Approximately 2 weeks
  • That Guava Beer - Launching soon